Cancellation Policy

Secinfos Marketing Manages All Projects According To A Set Of Objectives That Influence The Project’s Direction And Path.

All Web Design / Web Development / Mobile Application Development / B2B Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Search Engine Optimization / Digital Marketing / Email Marketing / PPC Management / Graphic Designing / Our Products / Project Maintenance Are Completed And Accepted After A Thorough Analysis And Creation Of A Complete Scope Document, Ensuring That Our Teams Have A Complete Understanding Of The Work That Needs To Be Done And Removing Any Potential For Project Failure.

Since Secinfos Marketing And The Customer Both Recognize That Achieving Each Project Milestone And Completing Each Module Requires Effort, A Refund For Work Completed Would Be Impossible.

Payments For Custom Design Projects And The Above Services Are Made In Installments By The Client And Are Non-Refundable. If A Project Is Canceled Or Postponed, Secinfos Marketing Retains All Fees Received And, If Applicable, The Client Is Responsible For All Work Accomplished Beyond What Was Already Paid For.

Your Service And/Or Project Will Be Suspended Without Notice If We Receive A Chargeback Or Payment Dispute (I.E. PayPal Dispute) From A Credit Card Company Or Bank. Before Service Is Restored, Data Are Given, Or Any Further Work Is Done, A $50 Chargeback Fee (Issued To Recover Fees Passed On To Us By The Credit Company), As Well As Any Outstanding Balances Acquired As A Result Of The Chargeback(S), Must Be Paid In Full.

Contact Us Instead Of Filing A Chargeback To Resolve Any Billing Difficulties. Requesting A Chargeback Or A PayPal Dispute For An Authorized Charge From Us Is A Fraud, And It Is Never A Suitable Or Legal Way To Get A Return. Before Making A Payment, Please Read And Understand Our Refund Policy Completely.

We Are Eager To Collaborate With You, And Once We Receive Confirmation From You, We Promptly Begin Action And Deliver Your Work In Progress. As A Result, If You Back Out After Confirmation, The Money You’ve Already Paid Is Non-Refundable. We Interact With Our Clients And Try Our Best To Answer All Of Their Questions And Begin Work Only Once They Approve, There Is No Provision For A Return. We Made It Clear That The Payment Is Non-Refundable Under Any Circumstances. If The Work Is Completed After The Money Has Been Made, And The Client Cancels The Project For Any Reason, The Customer Is Responsible For Paying The Remaining Amount For The Work Performed By Secinfos Marketing.

Client Cancellation:

Secinfos Marketing Gives The Client The Authority To Cancel The Project, But There Are Several Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. Until The Date Of Termination, The Client Is Responsible For All Outstanding Debts Or Payment For Work Performed By Secinfos Marketing.
  2. No Source Code Will Be Supplied To The Customer; Instead, Only Third-Party Resources Will Be Shared When The Client Has Made All Payments.
  3. After Providing Third-Party Resources With The Client, Secinfos Marketing Assumes No Liability.
  4. All Signed Or Accepted Agreements, Such As MOUs, Will Be Instantly Annulled, And Secinfos Marketing Will Not Be Obligated To Follow All Agreed Agreements.

Cancellation By Secinfos Marketing: 

Secinfos Marketing Retains The Right To Cancel The Project At Any Moment For The Reasons Listed Below.

  1. Great Teamwork Leads To Successful Project Delivery; However, If The Client Is Found To Misbehave, Use Abusive Language With Any Of The Team Members Or Secinfos Marketing, And Fails To Provide A Proper/On-Time Response To The Requirement, As Well As Delays In Any Third-Party Resources From The Client, The Project May Be Canceled By Secinfos Marketing.
  2. Payments Made For Services Finished Or Executed By Secinfos Marketing Will Not Be Reimbursed; However, If Secinfos Marketing Receives An Overage, Only The Work Completed Will Be Refunded.
  3. All Developed Or Received Work Will Remain The Property Of Secinfos Marketing; No Other Firm Or Individual Will Be Able To Claim Ownership.
  4. All Signed Agreements Will Be Voided As Soon As The Project Is Canceled.
  5. The Project Will Be Put On Hold For However Many Days The Client Is Late In Responding To The Request To Continue The Project. If A Project’s Demand Or Response From The Client Takes Longer Than 21 To 30 Days, The Project May Be Immediately Ended Without Prior Notice Or Information.
  6. Any Team Misconduct May Result In The Project Being Halted For At Least 15 Days.
  7. Secinfos Marketing Reserves The Right To Skip Any Step And Cancel Or Terminate The Project Immediately.

Before Making A Payment, Please Read And Understand Our Refund And Cancellation Policy Completely. Please Contact Us If You Have Any Additional Questions Regarding Our Policies.